Aruba's National Theater and Cultural Center

Cas di Cultura has truly lived up to its name as Aruba’s “house of culture” since its inauguration in 1958. The auditorium, although the largest on the island, still echoes a cozy living room of a traditional Aruban home. The stage continues to exhibit a variety of local and international programs, featuring traditional and contemporary plays, dance and music recitals; as well as groundbreaking films and documentaries and inspiring seminars and conferences.


In addition to the 572-seat auditorium, the venue also boasts two smaller and more flexible performance spaces, a garden as well as a café equipped to cater any event. With neighbouring partners such as the Rufo Wever Music School, the Da Vinci Academy, Diana Antoinette’s Dance School, the Plaza Libertador Betico Croes and UNOCA, the surrounding area has developed into a cultural art district. Explore the following pages and expand your relationship with Cas di Cultura. Whether you are a visitor or a host, artist or art enthusiast, performer or patron, this is your key.


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