Currently The Cas di Cultura Patrons Fund is active and it is supported mainly by Aruban companies and individuals to help sustain Cas di Cultura in its development. Through a government subsidy Cas di Cultura has the chance to passively exist. However it is our goal to play an active role in the development of cultural activities for the Aruban community. The Fund has two main goals:

To develop our own programming; our vision focuses on educational projects for the youth of Aruba, international collaborations and projects with social value.

To upgrade our technical facilities, when needed.

If you would also like to know more or would like support our cause you are welcome to contact us to talk about the options.

AHATA has been our Patron since 2006. Thanks to its support we have been able to organize and complete 2 to 3 projects each year.

Our Friends Program is still in development but donations are always gladly accepted and much appreciated for the further development of the center and the arts in general. Here fore contact our office for more information or for a meeting if you would wish to. Thank you!