General Info


Cas di Cultura is located on the Vondellaan 2, Oranjestad, Aruba. North across from the roundabout of Las Americas when driving from the airport to the capital and the hotels.

Office hours

When you enter our building you will find our offices on the left side of the foyer. We are open from Monday till Friday from 8.00am till 5.00pm. Before an event you will often find a ticket booth in the case a show is not yet sold-out. When buying tickets cash is accepted as we do not yet offer credit card or debit card services.

Ticket sales

In the Events calendar on this website you can see under every activity where the tickets for this activity are sold. You can also call us for this information.

Food & Beverage

Cas di Cultura has its own catering services so refreshments can be bought before a show and during the intermission. For any function we can tailor make your menu if you have an activity here, from snacks to complete meals. Just contact us about this and we will be glad to serve you. Only when paying a damage fee can you attend to your own food and beverage needs for your event.

Consumptions during events

It is not permitted to eat or drink in the auditorium. Food and beverages should be finished in the foyer or café.

No smoking

Smoking is not allowed in the entire building.

Dress code

Proper attire is required for evening performances. This means no beach sandals, no t-shirts and no short pants. Help us maintain neat theater etiquette.

Cell phones

All mobile phones have to be off or on silent mode during a show!

Last minute offers

Last minute offers on show tickets will be posted in the Events calendar under the activity. The instructions on how to get those tickets will also be given. Tickets sold before these offers can not be exchanged for tickets on sale and we do not guarantee last minute offers for every show or event.

Show times and admission

Every show or event has its own start time which is posted in the Events calendar. Our foyer will be open to the public one hour before each activity. The doors to the theater will be opened half an hour before the activity. We ask of organizers/directors to start the show on time, therefore we ask the public to be on time.


Cas di Cultura can not demand of event organizers to offers special prices (like for student or seniors) on tickets. When they do have these offers they will be posted in the Events calendar. See ‘Last minute offers’ for specials.


Cas di Cultura offers you the chance to get a tour of our building. This is interesting for everybody who wants to take a peak in the world of theater but also for students, businesses and friends who a planning a day out. Interested? Call us to make an appointment for a guided tour.

Special facilities

For the disabled in wheelchairs we have a ramp by the entrance to our building and also by the entrance to the theater. In the theater we have specially assigned places for wheelchairs to stand. We also have special toilets for people with handicaps. When a client needs special attention due to a handicap you can contact us upfront to make arrangements.

Hearing aids

For the hearing impaired we have special headphones that capture the sound of shows, especially useful for shows of spoken word (e.g. theater plays). Client must reserve a headphone in advance.

Late for the show

It is very annoying for the performers and the public when people who are late enter the auditorium after a show has started. Therefore there is a possibility that those who arrive after the start of the show will not be admitted into the auditorium. We ask your understanding for this measure. If there is an intermission you could wait for it to enter the theater with your ticket. Refunds are not possible.

Suggestions & complaints

For suggestions and complaints about our service, facilities or a show you can send an e-mail or write to the management of Cas di Cultura. We will try to answer you within 4 weeks.


When you drive from the airport to the city/hotels, after 3 minutes you will find a big roundabout with tall palm trees. Cas di Cultura lies to your right across from this roundabout


Cars can be parked alongside Cas di Cultura's building starting in front of the ex-JFK school building, and in the roads Stadionweg and the Vondellaan. Parking is always at your own risk.