Organizing an event can be a joyful and gratifying experience but it can certainly be stressful as well. Our bureau can guide you and give tips along the way to make your Cas di Cultura experience unforgettable. Before going on this journey with you, your date(s) must be set for the event and (eventual) set-ups and rehearsals. To make your event successful we also require all the technical info surrounding it. Call us for more info on how to make a booking. See here our rental prices in Arubian Florins.




  • AFLS.

  • Mo. thru Thurs.: evening (max. 3 hrs)   1.500,00

  • Extra hour or part of an hour   365,00

  • Whole day event (max. 8 hrs.)   2.120,00

  • Fri. thru Sun.: evening (max. 3 hrs.)   2.000,00

  • Extra hour or part of an hour   450,00

  • Whole day event (max. 8 hrs.)   2.800,00

  • School program from 8.00 till 13.00 hrs.   830,00

  • Programs for children from 15.00hrs. till 19.00hrs., Mo.- Thurs.   830,00

  • Rehearsal (max. 3 hrs)   400,00

  • Extra hrs or part of an hrs   150,00

EXPOSITION / Multifunctional Hall p. day

  • (Includes a beamer. If beamer is not used we deduct afls. 150,-)   650,00

  • Per hour or part of an hour   130,00

  • Per week (Mo. – Sun.)   2.500,00

  • Per month   8.000,00


  • 500,00

  • Per hour or part of an hour   130,00

  • Café per hour or part of an hour   105,00



Per hour or part of an hour   85,00

Per week (Mo. – Sun.)   1.250,00

Expo, café and foyer (3 hrs.)


Extra hour or part of an hour.   250,00

Per day (max 8 hrs.) Mo. thru Thurs.   1.325,00

Per day (max 8 hrs.) Fri. thru Sun.   1.750,00

Per week (max. 8 hrs. per day)   7.250,00

Small ballet studio per day


Per hour   70,00

Per week (Mo. – Sun.)   1.750,00


Follow spotlight per show   105,00

Steinway Piano per show   175,00

Piano tuning   110,00

Risers per piece   125,00

Sound system in the Expo Hall   100,00

Beamer auditorium per use   250,00

Beamer expo per use   150,00

Line-out sound   50,00

Show registration for prof./commercial use (includes line-outs)   100,00

CATERING: Please ask for our drinks & snacks list

Damage fee if you wish to bring your drinks   400,00

Damage fee if you wish to bring your snacks   400,00

Technical facts

Main Auditorium



  • Maximum Seat capacity572

  • Seats when orchestra pit is in use535

  • Dimensions (lxwxh)20x16x7,5m

Orchestra pit

  • Dimensions (lxw):12.85x285m

  • Room for 30 musicians 


  • Dimensions (wxd)S9.5x9.5m tage

  • Dimensions (wxd):Dimensions (wxd):

  • (wxd): 

  • From front stage to back wall:12.30m

  • Main curtain:2.30m

  • Stage height above audience level:0.9m

  • Width stage:12.5m

  • Height of portal bridge:6.0m

Fly Bars

  • There are 27 fly bars.

  • First bar is on:0.20m

  • Last bar is on:8.20m

  • Space between the bars:0.20m

  • Electrical motors at a fixed speed move the first 21 fly bars.

  • The bars are controlled at stage right.

  • The last 5 bars are manual/counterweight bars. The counterweighs are upstage right.

  • Max. weight on one bar is 250kg

  • Max fly-height: 12 m.


  • Trucks can be (un)loaded at the side of the stage. At this position there is a door and -in some way- a loading dock.

  • Dimension of door:160x210m

  • Height of loading dock:0.8m

  • The loading dock is not a real loading dock. In fact it is a concrete staircase which can be used as a loading dock by means of a ramp. A ramp is not included in the theater!

Dressing rooms

  • Two dressing rooms are provided. They are located at the back of the stage at the same floor level. There is enough space for 20 persons each. Each dressing room is equipped with a shower and toilet. As an extra the small ballet-studio can be used as a dressing room as well.

Sound Equipment


Main sound system


Sound Project:

  • 2x Sound Project Line-array



  • 4 x UB25 Subwoofer self powered active speakers.

  • 1x XTA-266 speaker management.

  • digital processor 2 in , 6 out multiple delay, param-eq.

Mixing desk


Digico SD9 LIVE DIGITAL CONSOLE with Stealth Digital Processing

SD9: The power, finesse and clarity of DiGiCo digital mixing with Stealth Digital Processing™

  • 40 Flexi Channels, (mono or stereo). (Equivalent to 80 channels of DSP)

  • 16 Flexi Busses, (mono or stereo) + Stereo or LCR Master + 8 Matrix and Dual Solo Busses. (Equivalent to 47 Busses of DSP)

  • Large 15" touch screen for fast control

  • New Remote Stage Rack + local I/O

  • 8 x 8 Output Matrix

  • Snapshot control with relative update & offline facility

  • On board effects and Graphic Eq's

  • Additional I/O (MADI) for open platform recording or connection to other DiGiCo consoles and racks

  • 24 touch sensitive faders for instant control with Metering



48 channels of multicable are provided. There are connection points at the control room and both sides of the stage.

All connections are XLR-3.


  • 5 x Shure SM58 beta

  • 5x Shure SM57 beta

  • 2 x Shure Beta 87C card

  • 2x Shure Beta 87A hypercard

  • 2x Sennheiser MD421-II

  • 1x AKG D112 bass(drum) mic

  • 1x Bass drum mic Sennheiser 3602

  • 5x AKG SE300B

  • 4x AKG CK91 hypercard for SE300B

  • 1x AKG CK93 hypercard for SE300B

  • 2x AKG CK98 shotgun for SE300B

  • 4x Crown PCC160

  • 4x Crown PZM185

  • 8x Wireless set hh/hs senheiser ew 335 G3 with a HSP 2 headset and a SK 100 G3 Body pack

  • 2x In ear Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3

  • 3x SHURE U4D UHF 2 x recievers

  • 4x Shure U1 bodypack

  • 2x Shure U2/Beta58 hand-held

  • 8x table mic stands

  • 20x K&M210 mic stand

  • 6x K&M233 low mic stand

  • 4x K&M255 low mic stand with extra long boom

Extra equipment

  • 1 x TC electronics M2000 effects processor

  • 1 x Yamaha SPX990 effects processor

  • 2 x dbx 1066 dual limiter/compressor

  • 2 x dbx 3231L 2x31 bands graphic eq

  • 1 x Sony MXD3 CD & MD player combi

  • 2 x LA audio active DI-box and 8xDI box ASL tr-2 duall



There is enough cabling for normal operation. All cables are equipped with Neutrik XLR or Jack style connectors.

A small selection from our cables:

  • 40 x 1m XLR

  • 6 x 3m XLR male - Jack stereo

  • 10 x 3m XLR

  • 6 x 3m XLR female - jack stereo

  • 10 x 5m XLR

  • 2 x 3m RCA - jack mono

  • 15 x 10m XLR

  • 15 x 15m XLR


  • 8 Sound Project X-ACT Mon.

  • 2 x Axys UFM265 self powered floor monitor speaker.

  • coverage 100 H x 120 V

  • max SPL peak: 116dB (1m)

  • 2 x Axys UFM212 self powered floor monitor speaker.

  • coverage: 85 H x 60 V

  • max SPL peak: 121dB (1m)




  • Dancemarley black and white Vinyl floor

  • Piano: piano/grand piano : 2

  • Workshop: A small workshop is provided for making and fixing scenery

Lighting Equipment

  • Console: ETC Expression 3/400

  • Dimmers: 180 ETC Sensor Delta dimmers

  • Dimmers are controlled by means of DMX512. On stage, the auditorium and control room have connection points available. All outputs are optically separated. The console is normally situated at the control room. A second small desk (ETC Express 24/48) is available for portable use.

House lights

First house bridge

  • 20 x ETC source-four zoom profile 25-50

  • 10 x Robert Juliat 329HPC 2kW PC + barn door

Second house bridge

  • 10 x ETC 750W source four zoom 15-30

  • 2x Robert Juliat Korrigan 1200W HMI follow-spots

Auditorium sides

  • 24 x ETC source four zoom 25-50 (12R/12L)

  • 8x ETC source-four jr 26 (4R/4L)

Stage bridge

  • 6 x 2kW PC Robert Juliat 329HPC + barn door

  • 8 x ETC source four 36

  • 4 x ETC source four zoom 25-50

Manteax (right & left)

  • 4 x Robert Juliat 310HPC 1kW PC+ barn door

  • 4x Robert Juliat 310HPC 1kW FS + barn door

Stage sides

  • 10 x ETC source four zoom 25-50


  • 12 x Strand/Ianiro 1kW Iris-2 flood

Portable Spotlights

  • 60 ETC source four PAR 575W (very narrow, narrow, medium, wide)

  • 14 ETC Source four Zoom 25-50 750W

  • 10 Robert Juliat 310HPC 1kW PC + barn doors

  • 12 Desisti Leonardo 1kW fesnel + barn doors

  • 8 Desisti Leonardo 2kW fesnel + barndoors

  • 8 Desisti Duccio-3 floor-cyclorama


  • 60 x ETC PAR 6” extenders

  • 24 x iris for Source four profile

  • 24 x gobo holder for Source Four profile


  • 10 x Manfrotto 626BU 3,3m/40kg max

  • 12 x BS pied floorstand

Seating chart




The auditorium

Cas di Cultura’s 572-seat auditorium has seen a variet yof plays, dance recitals, concerts and film screenings. However, in addition to art-related events, the auditorium also hosts corporate meetings and conferences, educational seminars and lectures, award ceremonies and many other celebrations. The space features a large stage equipped with surround sound systems, image projection,stage lighting and wireless internet. The backstage area offers two separate dressing rooms, which include amenities such as bathrooms, full-length mirrors, make-up and seating area allowing for comfortable preparations prior to showtime.

For multi-stage events, Cas di Cultura has a number of dynamic areas that can be transformed to meet the requirements of any event. Follow the next pages to find out more about our foyer, sala UNOCA, INCBTR, garden and café.
Our professional staff, with over 20 years of experience, is available to assist you in planning and executing your event. Our all-inclusive packages feature technician support, back-
stage management, ushers, box office and marketing.

Contact us to rent the main auditorium and any additional spaces and services to receive a tailor-made quote that is sure to make your event unique and memorable.

Capacity: 572 seated
Tech: Surround sound systems, stage lighting, image projection and WiFi
Accessibility: Wheelchair seating and assistive listening devices

The Foyer

In its original décor, the foyer features comfortable seating where guests can gather before showtime and reflect during intermission.The space is equipped with surround sound systems and WiFi. As much more than an entrance hall, the space is continuously transformed to fit any event and is able to serve as a reception area with cocktail tables where guests can receive welcome drinks or a lounge area with a DJ booth for post-event celebrations.

During conferences, the foyer may serve as a registration area, where arrangements can be made for red carpets and photo booths for official ceremonies or special occasions.Performances can also be held in this space; from sneak previews of the show or live music during intermission, the possibilities are endless. In fact, main events such as book launches, press conferences and more intimate concerts are typically held in the foyer.

Contact us to rent the foyer and any additional spaces and services to receive a tailor-made quote that is sure to make your event unique and memorable.

Capacity: 80 seated, 250 standing
Tech: Surround sound systems and WiFi
Accessibility: Step-free access


This inspiring venue has been home to some of the finest artworks by Aruba’s most prominent visual artists. Named after Aruba’s national cultural foundation, this gallery space holds temporary exhibitions year round, which often serve as a backdrop for events. Alternatively, the space can also be cleared out to a blank canvas inviting
you to be the artist. Transform this multifunctional hall into an intimate music recital, a sophisticated press conference or an educational school fair. The sala UNOCA is also Cas di Cultura’s largest rehearsal space.

Contact us to rent the Sala UNOCA and any additional spaces and services to receive a tailor-made quote that is sure to make your event unique and memorable.

Capacity: 110 seated, 200 standing
Tech: WiFi
Accessibility: Step-free access


What used to be Cas di Cultura’s ballet studio has been transformed into a creative hub where new talents are cultivated, innovative ideas are tested and experimental art is stimulated. As suggested by its name, which derived from the term ‘incubator’, the INCBTR is primarily a space where small-scale creative projects are developed and subcultures and sub-genres are appreciated. The 190 sq. ft. stage serves as an approachable platform for up and coming artists.
For many, the space is perceived as a playground where creatives can perfect their performances and production skills for a smaller audience prior to stepping on to the main stage. The platform also offers independent teachers a space to hold art classes and workshops at a low cost. Finally, INCBTR may also be used as a rehearsal space.
Contact us to rent the INCBTR and any additional spaces and services to receive a tailor-made quote that is sure to make your event unique and memorable.

Capacity: 40 seated
Tech: WiFi
Accessibility: Not wheelchair accessible


The outdoor garden is perhaps Cas di Cultura’s most charming space. The small patio and bar make it the perfect venue for intimate gatherings such as openmic nights, book readings, pop-up local art markets, wine tastings and cocktail parties. As an additional space, the garden may also serve as the location where visitors can gather during intermission, find food and beverages or enjoy an after party.

Contact us to rent the garden and any additional spaces and services to receive a tailor-made quote that is sure to make your event unique and memorable.

Capacity: 60 seated, 125 standing
Tech: WiFi
Accessibility: Step-free access


At Cas di Cultura’s café, visitors may purchase refreshments before a show and during the intermission. The café is home
to Cas di Cultura’s very own catering team, who are experienced in customizing a variety of menus to meet the needs of different activities and audiences. If refreshments are required for the event, our caterering team will work closely with you to assemble the ideal combination of deli-cious hors d’oeuvres, healthy lunches or complete courses.

Contact us to explore all of our food and beverages possibilities to receive a tailor-made quote that is sure to make your event unique and memorable.

Capacity: 20seated, 40 standing
Tech: WiFi
Accessibility: Step-free access


Advertising and
partnership opportunities

When we host your event at Cas di Cultura you become more than our guest. Make yourself at home and personalize the spaces by incorporating representations of your dance school, theater group, art organization or corporate company. Present a slideshow, illustrate your logo or broadcast your commercial in the auditorium during preshow or on LCDs in the foyer. To leave a lasting impression at Cas di Cultura, become a patron and join our Friends of Cas di Cultura Program or adopt a chair in the auditorium. While at it, make an even bigger impact and join our partnership program. Partners of Cas di Cultura play a continuous role in activating the development of Aruba’s cultural and artistic landscape through new and running projects.

Contact us to explore all of our advertising and partnership opportunities. We look forward to a productive and fruitful collaboration.


Culture exhibit

Enhance any event by including a traditional or contemporary art performance to your program. Cas di Cultura’s culture exhibit consists of performances by our network of local poets, dancers, musicians, painters and actors. Treat your audience to an experimental poetry reading as they await showtime, a traditional dance routine during intermission or live music after the program. The Culture Exhibit is particularly popular among conferences and seminars looking to further inspire their guests with an artistic component, such as live painting sessions and interactive theatre plays between speeches. As a while, the Culture Exhibit showcases Aruba’s art, past and present.

Contact us to book an act by the Culture Exhibit and receive a tailor-made quote that is sure to make your event unique and memorable.


Box Office

Cas di Cultura has recently centralized the ticket sales of all events, making it a one-stop shop for organizers and visitors alike. Our box office is open during office hours and one hour prior to an event. Ticket reservations can also be made by calling our booking line at 5821010 ext. 207 or by sending us an email at ticketing@casdicultura.aw.

In addition to the centralized ticket sales, we have also introduced a seating plan. Should your event require specific seating arrangements, our team will gladly accommodate your request.

For more information about our box office contact us freely at 5821010 ext. 207 or send us an email at ticketing@casdicultura.aw.

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