Technical Facts

Main Auditorium

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Main Auditorium


Maximum Seat capacity 572
Seats when orchestra pit is in use 535
Dimensions (lxwxh) 20x16x7,5m

Orchestra pit

Dimensions (lxw): 12.85x285m
Room for 30 musicians  


Dimensions (wxd) S9.5x9.5m tage
Dimensions (wxd): Dimensions (wxd):
From front stage to back wall: 12.30m
Main curtain: 2.30m
Stage height above audience level: 0.9m
Width stage: 12.5m
Height of portal bridge: 6.0m

Fly Bars

There are 27 fly bars.

First bar is on: 0.20m
Last bar is on: 8.20m
Space between the bars: 0.20m

Electrical motors at a fixed speed move the first 21 fly bars.
The bars are controlled at stage right.
The last 5 bars are manual/counterweight bars. The counterweighs are upstage right.

Max. weight on one bar is 250kg
Max fly-height: 12 m.


Trucks can be (un)loaded at the side of the stage. At this position there is a door and -in some way- a loading dock.

Dimension of door: 160x210m
Height of loading dock: 0.8m

The loading dock is not a real loading dock. In fact it is a concrete staircase which can be used as a loading dock by means of a ramp. A ramp is not included in the theater!

Dressing rooms

Two dressing rooms are provided. They are located at the back of the stage at the same floor level. There is enough space for 20 persons each. Each dressing room is equipped with a shower and toilet. As an extra the small ballet-studio can be used as a dressing room as well.

Sound Equipment

Main sound system

Sound Project:
2x Sound Project Line-array

Exis :

4 x UB25 Subwoofer self powered active speakers.

1x XTA-266 speaker management.
digital processor 2 in , 6 out multiple delay, param-eq.

Mixing desk

with Stealth Digital Processing

SD9: The power, finesse and clarity of DiGiCo digital mixing with Stealth Digital Processing™

  • 40 Flexi Channels, (mono or stereo). (Equivalent to 80 channels of DSP)
  • 16 Flexi Busses, (mono or stereo) + Stereo or LCR Master + 8 Matrix and Dual Solo Busses. (Equivalent to 47 Busses of DSP)
  • Large 15" touch screen for fast control
  • New Remote Stage Rack + local I/O
  • 8 x 8 Output Matrix
  • Snapshot control with relative update & offline facility
  • On board effects and Graphic Eq's
  • Additional I/O (MADI) for open platform recording or connection to other DiGiCo consoles and racks
  • 24 touch sensitive faders for instant control with Metering


48 channels of multicable are provided. There are connection points at the control room and both sides of the stage.

All connections are XLR-3.


5 x Shure SM58 beta
5x Shure SM57 beta
2 x Shure Beta 87C card
2x Shure Beta 87A hypercard
2x Sennheiser MD421-II
1x AKG D112 bass(drum) mic

1x Bass drum mic Sennheiser 3602
5x AKG SE300B

4x AKG CK91 hypercard for SE300B

1x AKG CK93 hypercard for SE300B
2x AKG CK98 shotgun for SE300B
4x Crown PCC160
4x Crown PZM185

8x Wireless set hh/hs senheiser ew 335 G3 with a HSP 2 headset and a SK 100 G3 Body pack

2x In ear Sennheiser ew 300 IEM G3
3x SHURE U4D UHF 2 x recievers
4x Shure U1 bodypack
2x Shure U2/Beta58 hand-held

8x table mic stands
20x K&M210 mic stand
6x K&M233 low mic stand
4x K&M255 low mic stand with extra long boom

Extra equipment

1 x TC electronics M2000 effects processor
1 x Yamaha SPX990 effects processor
2 x dbx 1066 dual limiter/compressor
2 x dbx 3231L 2x31 bands graphic eq
1 x Sony MXD3 CD & MD player combi
2 x LA audio active DI-box and 8xDI box ASL tr-2 duall


There is enough cabling for normal operation. All cables are equipped with Neutrik XLR or Jack style connectors.

A small selection from our cables:

40 x 1m XLR
6 x 3m XLR male - Jack stereo
10 x 3m XLR
6 x 3m XLR female - jack stereo
10 x 5m XLR
2 x 3m RCA - jack mono
15 x 10m XLR
15 x 15m XLR


8 Sound Project X-ACT Mon.

2 x Axys UFM265 self powered floor monitor speaker.
coverage 100 H x 120 V
max SPL peak: 116dB (1m)
2 x Axys UFM212 self powered floor monitor speaker.
coverage: 85 H x 60 V
max SPL peak: 121dB (1m)



Dancemarley black and white Vinyl floor
Piano: piano/grand piano : 2
Workshop: A small workshop is provided for making and fixing scenery

Lighting Equipment

Console: ETC Expression 3/400
Dimmers: 180 ETC Sensor Delta dimmers

Dimmers are controlled by means of DMX512. On stage, the auditorium and control room have connection points available. All outputs are optically separated. The console is normally situated at the control room. A second small desk (ETC Express 24/48) is available for portable use.

House lights

First house bridge

20 x ETC source-four zoom profile 25-50
10 x Robert Juliat 329HPC 2kW PC + barn door

Second house bridge

10 x ETC 750W source four zoom 15-30
2x Robert Juliat Korrigan 1200W HMI follow-spots

Auditorium sides

24 x ETC source four zoom 25-50 (12R/12L)
8x ETC source-four jr 26 (4R/4L)

Stage bridge

6 x 2kW PC Robert Juliat 329HPC + barn door
8 x ETC source four 36
4 x ETC source four zoom 25-50

Manteax (right & left)

4 x Robert Juliat 310HPC 1kW PC+ barn door

4x Robert Juliat 310HPC 1kW FS + barn door

Stage sides

10 x ETC source four zoom 25-50


12 x Strand/Ianiro 1kW Iris-2 flood

Portable Spotlights

60 ETC source four PAR 575W (very narrow, narrow, medium, wide)
14 ETC Source four Zoom 25-50 750W
10 Robert Juliat 310HPC 1kW PC + barn doors
12 Desisti Leonardo 1kW fesnel + barn doors
8 Desisti Leonardo 2kW fesnel + barndoors
8 Desisti Duccio-3 floor-cyclorama


60 x ETC PAR 6” extenders
24 x iris for Source four profile
24 x gobo holder for Source Four profile


10 x Manfrotto 626BU 3,3m/40kg max
12 x BS pied floorstand